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What Is Commercial Floor Stripping?

A brief summary thereof will be provided to you in just a moment. But first this. First a little hardwood floor stripping melville ny motivation. If floors are to be kept in its best condition, a number of tasks will need to be performed. But should commercial and residential property owners neglect their floor surfaces, said surfaces will lose its original appearance. Tiling will wear away. And it becomes more challenging going forward to clean and maintain floor surfaces.

hardwood floor stripping melville ny

Floor stripping is a necessary process. It is necessary for the successful maintenance of commercial office floors. This is because it removes all previous coatings of wax and finishing until just the very bare floor tiles are left. The floor needs to be stripped in its entirety. This is because it contributes towards achieving a fully balanced new finish and waxing. But even so, it remains a time-consuming task.

So, after the floors have been stripped bare, a sealer will be applied. After the sealing process has been completed, wax will be applied. And after waxing is completed, finishing touches if you will will be applied. But once finishing work has been completed, there’s still buffing to be done. Sealers are acting as a form of insulation for the floor tiles. It may well take two coats of a good quality sealer to complete the process effectively.

This makes sure that there are no leaks of wax, even if tiles are old and porous. Up to five coats of wax, would you believe, are required. Never mind good looks but more importantly, achieving longevity. Finish layers will be applied to the top of waxed floors. These layers help to protect the applied wax. It also reduces the possibility scratches and the accumulation of dirt over a period of time.